A picture really does say 1000 words.

Pictures can make things easier. The terms associated with a window replacement project can get tricky sometimes. Are you supposed to say grids or grilles or muntins or mullions? What’s a mulled window? What’s the difference between a 3-lite sliding window and a triple pane window? How does a 2-lite sliding window compare to a twin double hung window? Don’t worry. We can send you a picture.

You don’t need to be a window expert, that’s our job. If you’re ever unsure how to describe anything or if the terms on our price lists aren’t 100% clear just ask. Your window expert will be able to send a picture or you can send us a picture to explain anything at all.

Here are some examples of past projects, examples of window styles and some fun pics of some of our team members and their families. Every single window we offer is custom made to order so almost anything is possible. If you want something different just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Remember, we tend to offer a wider selection of features, colors and options than most companies. There is almost no limit to the available options. It is possible your HOA might have thoughts on style changes, but we can help with that too.

The first step is to request your window quote by email to see how the system works. Then you can ask your window expert any questions and we can make unlimited revisions to your quote until we have the order just the way you want it. After that you can swing by the showroom if you’d like. You can send us any pictures if you’re not sure how to describe anything.

You can even request a free color sample and brochure pack by mail so you can see the color options in your home.

How can I learn more?

Remember, the goal is to make this the absolute easiest way to order new windows. The first step is to request an email quote so you can see how the system works. One of our window experts will email you the information and then they’ll be available to answer questions and make revisions to your order.

We’ll never pester you with phone calls, we don’t even ask for your phone number, but we are available to help anytime. You won’t believe how easy this can be.

Project pictures from Window Universe.

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