Window types and styles.

There are many types of windows out there and the differences are important. We know you might not be a window expert, that’s our job. Here we’ll look at the common types of windows and different styles you can see what is available. We’ll go in the same order as the popular styles are listed on your window price list that we sent by email.

Note: The info here is specific to the types of windows we offer in San Antonio, TX. If you found this page on google and have not yet received a copy of our itemized window price list you can find our nearest location here to request a current window price list that is specific to your area. We’ll gladly email you all of the info, including current window and door pricing.

Remember if you’re ordering windows with installation we have the windows professionally measured so you do not need to measure your windows. We provide the minimum and maximum sizes here just for reference or for DIY projects.

Single hung and double hung windows

These are very popular window styles. Single hung windows consist of two sections, or sashes, one above the other. The bottom opens by sliding up. The top is fixed in place and does not move. The bottom sash can tilt in for easy cleaning but the top cannot tilt in.

Double hung windows like these are some of the most popular types of windows.
Three double hung windows with interior woodgrain finish and internal grids

Double hung windows look very similar. The main difference is that in a double hung window the bottom can open by sliding up and the top can open by sliding down. Both the top and the bottom can open at the same time and both can tilt in for easy cleaning.

The double hung windows we offer will also come with night latches that allow the window to open a few inches while remaining locked. Single hung windows do not offer this feature.

Single hung windows are available at a slightly lower price. Double hung windows are substantially more popular in remodeling projects because of the added functionality and the relatively similar pricing.

Single hung window sizes

The minimum size for the most popular single hung window we offer is 11″ wide x 22″ tall and the maximum size is 52″ wide by 96″ tall.

Double hung window sizes

The minimum size for the most popular double hung window we offer is 12″ wide x 20″ tall and the maximum size is 52″ wide x 96″ tall.

2-lite and 3-lite sliding windows

Sliding windows can be a popular choice. They’re commonly used when the window opening is wider than it is tall, but that’s not set in stone. Sliding windows will consist of either two or three sections next to each other horizontally.

Sliding windows are also a popular choice.
2-lite sliding windows with single prairie grids

A 2-lite sliding window consists of two sections. They can be ordered with one side able to slide open and one side fixed (sometimes called single hung slider) or with both sides able to slide. Our default will be for both sides being able to slide open unless otherwise noted.

A 3-lite sliding window is similar, but it consists of three sections. The center section is fixed and the sections on the ends can slide to open. The end sections are on the same track so they cannot slide past each other.

There are two common configurations for 3-lite sliding windows. One is called equal-lite and one is called 1/4, 1/2, 1/4 (pronounced quarter, half, quarter). The difference is in the size of the sections, or sashes, that make up the window.

In an equal-lite configuration all three sections are the same size. In a 1/4, 1/2, 1/4 configuration the center makes up half of the total width and the ends make up one quarter each.

One configuration of 3-lite sliding window isn’t better than another, it’s just a style difference. The cost is the same and the selection will be noted on your order forms.

3-lite sliding windows will have a screen on each side and a half screen or full screen can be selected for 2-lite sliding windows.

2 lite sliding window sizes

The minimum size for a 2-lite sliding window is 18-1/2″ wide x 11-1/4″ tall and the maximum size is 84″ wide x 72″ tall.

3 lite sliding window sizes

The minimum size for a 3-lite sliding window is 37-1/4″ wide by 11-1/4″ tall for the equal-lite and 47-1/2″ wide x 11-1/4″ tall for the 1/4, 1/2, 1/4.

The maximum size for a 3-lite sliding window is 120″ x 72″ for either configuration.

3-lite sliding windows can be made much larger than most other types of windows.

Awning and casement windows

Awning and casement windows crank outward to open. An awning window is hinged at the top, the crank is at the bottom and there are locks on each side.

Awning windows are less popular than other types.
Awning window with single prairie grids

A casement window is hinged at the side, the crank is at the bottom and the lock is on the side opposite the hinge.

Both awning and casement windows are very heavy duty windows with stainless steel mechanisms and folding or nesting handles included at no extra charge. They also have interior screens since they open outward.

The awning and casement windows we offer can be ordered as individual single windows or as part of a multi-lite window in a continuous frame. This means one single frame can hold several windows which maximizes glass area and reduces frame area.

That is something that many smaller companies can’t offer. Other companies will offer multi-lite casement and awning windows but they’ll often be mulled units in individual frames with smaller glass area and thicker frame area. This is something many people aren’t aware of and it can make a big difference in the end result.

Awning and casement window sizes

The minimum size for a single awning window is 19″ wide x 16″ tall. The maximum size for a single awning window is 48″ wide x 48″ tall.

The minimum size for a single casement window is 16″ wide x 19″ tall and the maximum size for a single casement window is 36″ x 78″.

Contact us for sizing info for multi-lite casement and awning windows.

Picture windows and special shapes

Picture windows are fixed windows that do not open. They are commonly rectangular but can also be made in a very wide variety of shapes. Picture windows will provide the best, most unobstructed view.

Picture windows can produce a beautiful result.
Rectangular picture windows (top left) and trapezoid (top right)

The picture windows we offer are available with the same frame colors and glass options as the other types of windows so everything will match perfectly.

There are different frame extrusions available for picture windows. They can be ordered with a frame that will match the look and proportions of the hung and sliding windows or with a frame that will match the look and proportions of the casement windows. Overall they are a very versatile window option.

Picture window sizes

The minimum size for a rectangular picture window is 9.5″ wide x 9.5″ tall and the maximum size is 112″ wide x 96″ tall.

Picture windows can come in a much wider range of sizes and shapes than other types of windows. Contact us for size limitations for non-rectangular picture windows.

Bay, bow and garden windows

These are beautiful windows that all extend out from the house. Bay windows consist of three sections with the center parallel to the plane of the wall and the end sections diagonal to the plane of the wall. The center section is usually larger than the end sections and the center section is commonly, not always, a picture window. Different types of windows can be used in a bay. For example we sometimes see a double hung window in the center.

Garden windows can be a nice choice.
Garden window, glass shelf removed

Bow windows are made up of 4 or more windows that are all the same size. The individual windows can be picture windows, casement windows or double hung windows.

Garden windows are smaller and are commonly used in a kitchen. They have a glass roof and casement windows in a trapezoid shape on the sides. They are often used to grow plants or herbs. The come with one adjustable glass shelf by default and a second shelf can be added.

Installation of a bay, bow or garden window is more involved than other styles because the windows extend outside the house. It is important that they are sealed well to prevent leaks and supported well to hold up for the long term. We do not recommend bay, bow and garden windows for DIY projects.

Contact us for sizing options for bay, bow and garden windows.

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors are available with the same color, style and efficiency options as the windows we offer so everything will match perfectly. These doors can be ordered in 2, 3 and 4 panel configurations. They come in standard sizes and custom sizes are also available.

Sliding doors are a beautiful option.
3 panel sliding patio door with classic frame, etched glass and decorative handle

You can specify the operation of the door when you place the order. By default we match the operation of your existing door. If your old door opens left to right, the new door will open left to right. If there is no existing sliding door to match, or if you want to change the operation, be sure to confirm that by email when you place the order.

In a 2 panel configuration one side can slide open and one is fixed in place.

A 3 panel configuration will have end sections that are fixed and the center section can open.

In a 4 panel configuration the outside sections are fixed in place and the two center sections each open. This makes for a very large opening and this type of door comes with two screens.

All sliding doors come with sliding screens, multi-point locks and color matched hardware. Hardware options like key locks, foot locks and decorative interior handles are available.

Sliding door standard sizes

Standard widths for differnet configurations are:

2 panel doors 58-5/8″, 70-5/8″, 74-1/2″.

3 panel doors 105-1/2″ or 140-7/8″

4 panel doors 139-1/2″

Standard heights for all doors are 79-1/2″ or 95-1/2″

Contact us for available dimensions for custom sized doors.

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