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We offer new construction windows for new builds and additions, but not for big builders. The reason is simple, quality.

The largest buyers of new construction windows are big national builders. As a result, manufacturers typically design new construction windows with big builders in mind. What do big national builders want more than anything else? Low prices.

Beautiful project using new construction windows and flat casing.
New construction single hung windows with no grids and flat casing

Unfortunately low prices tend to lead to low quality and that’s typically what you get with most new construction windows, low prices and low quality. It’s a recipe for unhappy customers and we’re in the happy customer business.

The new construction windows we offer are different

We offer some of the nicest new construction windows on the market today. They’ll have all of the frame options like integrated nail fins, stucco flanges, even built in j-channel. They’ll also offer several trim options including custom drywall extensions, 1-1/2″ brickmould and flat casing (shown above). That stuff is pretty common in the new construction world.

These windows will also have a range of options that are basically unheard of. For example, we have a new construction vinyl double hung window with an air infiltration rate of 0.04 to eliminate drafts. We have triple pane windows with a 0.21 U-Factor for maximum efficiency and upgraded block and tackle hardware for extreme durability. All of this is available in a window with a real integrated nail fin, not some snap in afterthought.

Types of frames commonly used in new construction window projects.
Popular frame styles for new construction installation

Big builders don’t care at all about features like that because they’re not going to live in the house. That’s why our new construction window offering is geared towards the individual owner. You are going to live in the house, probably for a very long time, and you’re going to want quality windows and doors with great efficiency options that will last a lifetime.

The new construction products we offer will not be the cheapest possible option. They’re not designed for that. If you’re interested in exploring the options just click the button below to request a copy of our window pricing and additional product info. One of our window experts will email you that info and they’ll be available to answer any questions.

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